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The goal of PNC Properties
is to create beautiful, light-filled homes that encourage a gentle, refined way of enjoying California living indoors and outdoors year-round.


PNC Properties applies a detail-driven approach to every
phase of the home building process. As a second generation developer in Los Angeles with personal experience building fine homes in the exclusive enclaves of Brentwood and Atherton, Paul’s attention to detail, design, materials, and methods of construction, have earned the firm a reputation of excellence. Together with his wife Claudia, they approach each project as if it were their own – injecting a harmonious sensibility into each one
of their homes.

“We build each home as if we were the potential end-user.”

As parents of three school-age children, outdoor living is central to their building ideology. The indoor/outdoor relationship plays a principal role in their design and lifestyle philosophy. They collaborate with leading architect and design talent that strive to preserve the authenticity of classical proportions with mindfulness towards distinctive and inventive design techniques. This ensures each PNC home is imbued with a singularly unique and harmonious aesthetic.